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I think there’s some valid points either way. I did a vlog about this last week, and the 2 people that commented seemed to be quite defensive, and I’m not sure why. I personally don’t think the Earth is flat, but I propose the possibility that it could be neither flat or spherical. I also say that Flat Earther’s might have a point as you can’t really trust anything you hear, so why are some people getting defensive about my neutral video that doesn’t really criticize anyone, just call’s for unity? Whether you believe the Earth is flat or round seems to be irrelevant, because what this is really about is dividing people on technicalities that no one can really prove either way.

I think that entertaining the possibility that most things we are taught are lies and brainwashing, or conditioning, is definitely a good start to beginning to unravel the truth, so I definitely credit Flat Earther’s with that! It was hard for me to accept that most things I’d been taught are lies, even by parents that I respect – when I was at the grand age of 30! It was really hard to accept and my struggle still continues, so I feel that my life has already been changed by the realisation that we are lied to by almost every organization out there, usually for selfish and nefarious reasons. If the Earth turned out to be flat it wouldn’t really surprise me! But definitely keep asking questions!

"Pounding, screeching dissonance, this is not music!" -Wharf from Star Trek TNG

"Believe in none of what you hear and only half of what you see." -Richard D Hall