Mic Ha El
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I actually don’t believe the comments I’m seeing from apparently open minded people, at least I am assuming you all are open minded considering you follow Lex. I do agree that it’s hard to imagine the earth being flat after all we’ve been taught(brainwashed) and how we’ve been raised(indoctrinated)in this society, and of course all the “theories” from science that prove(?) the earth is a globe.
I do hope you all see where I’m going with this. Do you know for sure? If so prove it!
I have been studying this subject for over a year now and still have found no definitive proof either way, just more questions. Like why can we see further than we’re supposed to be able to? How can the moon have a shadow when it’s up during the day? Why are there no actual photos of earth? Why haven’t the Stars changed over thousands of years when we’re supposed to be spinning through space?
I know the moon landing was faked, and I even have a good idea why, without saying the earth is flat, lol. But about the rest, I really think we all need to keep a truly open mind and not judge others because they have a different opinion, or what does that say about us?
Much love and peace!