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I do not think we did discuss your standards of evidence concerning Gad and as you are now aware about Gad it will only develop. The Canaanite religions may ratify the reality that the Gads where the Lucky ones[the Lucifers], the Gads of fortune. They had a Gad for everything and where worshiped in the home, The Gad is recognized by the mural crown she wares usually. Once you find these truths you will begin to realize how the Greeks and Romans became attached to the idea of worshiping Gads and how that has come down through history to us today to the point that we call the Most High Creator Gad which is actually calling Him a fallen one, a demon. Baal Gad is the town at the base of Mount Hermon which may also help in finding more information about the great space whore, the Lord of Sirius.
Either way you are a seeker of truths so you will water the seeds that have been planted into your mind whether you like it or not, you will do this yourself as long as you continue with the standards of evidence you impose on yourself.
Pan was born in the town of Baal Gad it is said and the Greek myths reveal that Pan was Ishtars uncle.
The Sumerian language needs further understanding as uncles, aunts and cousins are not described they have translated sisters and brothers but other family terms are lacking, there is something further to discover possibly in the written language.
Books, movies and overall peoples imaginings reflect the fallen ones stories it is part of the spiritual makeup of our world and people do it with out knowing they are. There are however the Luciferians who know the stories and continue to plant them into the psyche of the worlds cultures they are the ones who promote the God, Lord and also the Jesus more so than the Christians themselves many so called Christians are Luciferian puppet masters controlling their religious pet goats/sheep/cattle, this goes much deeper and is part of the control matrix the have structured.

God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer