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I want to share this. I just came to this forum today with one thing in mind and that was to talk specifically about the Glactic Federation of Light for two reason; on all this talk i just recently “discovered” from the leak project (at least the ones ive heard so far) never saw a focus on whos out there to help us, only whos out there to get us.
and the second one is becuase of my personal experiences from a young age and how i got to know about this federation and how i managed to go into deep sleep again for years and just 3 days ago i started to snap out of it on a really strong manner and now im here.

this is the very first forum post i see here and the moment i read about the meeting and the vote i was filled with energy and happiness. in this days ive thought a lot about the Glactic Federation of Light, my previous mentor who told me about this meetings and his mentor who is part of the federation .

i think im just looking for a confirmation. and im filled with questions