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Well I can say that I’ve seen the birth of this Creation, what you call Universe. And it’s nothing like people think of. Things are more simpler than anyone thinks. But maybe I’ll try this weekend to see what pops up related to these cultures that you’ve mentioned, and will let you know. Currently I’m doing work in Dream Share, took part to a lot of testimonies that were presented in front of Council of Saturn by different species, ranging from Humans to Mantis. It’s pretty busy “up there” in the current space/time as we are approaching Harvest. There is a lot of effort involved in this, from a lot of different species and densities, to make Human Harvest (aka Ascension) an easy process for Humans. But as I’ve said, I’ll try to make a visit in the past of these areas.

I leave you in the love and the light of The One Infinite Creator. Go forth then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of The One Infinite Creator.