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I’m going to leave the “Gad” thing alone because it’s just not up to my standards of evidence as we already discussed. But it’s cool that we think similarly on other things . Here’s something that you can look at in most horror movies produced after 1980 in hollywood. If you want a more modern example just look at “stranger things”. This theme in most horror films is what I like to call women using their husband/boyfriend as a Dumuzid to escape a hellish reality of some sort. They may not directly kill their partner but that person does die due to the woman’s miscalculations and mistakes and adventure into hell. You know exactly the sumerian tale I’m talking about. The descent to the underworld. And it’s not just movies. It’s all about sacrificing the man for the woman these days. Especially in situations like divorce. The woman most likely is going to take the life of her husband and use it to weave her new/ideal reality with his sacrifice/energy. It’s such a bastardization of the goddess archetype. She as you say was merely a hooker from space. And now men hide eggs for their children to celebrate that space-prostitute.. Crowley did a great evil in promoting the goddess as the marker for an age of enlightenment that is also certain.