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Very well said and observed
I use the title Lucifer only because THEY do
Ask a priest, Lawyer, Doctor, Politician to deride Lucifer
Ask them if they can say something like, Lucifer is a filthy pig, you will hear crickets
That is the thing about Luciferianism that it is all cloak and dagger, they are better than their pet goats who go to church/synagogue/mosque and do not realize they are praying to the Gad.
They know they worship the Gad and the sun of Gad, they can go to any congregation and worship anywhere anytime.
Christianity being a Hindu religion, remade to worship the savior Khrist in a new way, the son of God[Devi/Venus/Innana]
This new religion of Christianity usurped and replaced the old in your time frame.
You raise a great point and is what I am trying to fathom at the moment about Marduk.
There is great confusion when we consider Bel, Baal, Enlil and Marduk.
Who was the Baal that the goddess Gad cried out about saying, Give me back my Baal El or I am going to smash your skull.
It is written on the statues of Gad in the Levant.
I think she got her Baal back but in Osiris style divided in 14 pieces one each for the blood sacrificial temples around the Med. Was Ptah Osiris the sacrifice that founded the site of the Vatican, is Ptah Peter in a new remembrance just as Jesus Christ is a new remembering of the Lord Krisna.
Baal is dead and the memory of the Father Lucifer is just that a remembrance hardly spoke of in liturgy, it is always the mother and son.
Ninurta and Nabu are the keys to the answer, Nabu was the leader of the Igigi, he was the Assur[Yahweh] the founder of Ninevah and Ninurta became the Enlil.
It was Nabu who crossed over to the Enlilites and serviced Innana, he took advantage of the situation, knifed his Father and family in the back to be part of the rulership of the earth.
Nabu became the Marduk[Bel]
What do you do with a breed of animal that eats its young for pleasure and gain ?
That is what lies at the heart of the story of Adam and Eve, they did not just have sex with the Baal they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There is only one way to know extreme evil and eating babies is it.
This is what has caused the separation of earth from the heavens.
The Hu-man bloodline from the HU-Baal has infested man[man and mankind]
I know it is a mind coitus to see God as the usurper but I do not think it is possible to get away from when we realize that the goddess Gad was where the title originated from, Gad being the Arcadian Venus/Ishtar.
The mother is the light bearer
The son is the light beaer
The father WAS the light bearer
Thanks for your thoughts will consider them carefully.
Remember the Elah, Allah, Illa and Lla all are Gad
and the whole world worships the same being in different cultural and time concepts.
It is inside our psyches which forms the magic of their rulership.

God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer