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(Here’s a bit of an additive to what I said above…)
I am very suspicious of the period of 400 AD to 600 AD. This is the rough time-window of when India began reorganizing their religion into a monotheistic compartment it was never meant to fit in. Around that time is also when Islam began as a force working to screw up the world/joining in the Abramic party. It would seem that around the year 500-600 in western calendars something utterly anti truth and anti justice touched down in the Levant/Kush mountains. Whether it was an idea or foreign force original Vedic Hinduism is no longer widely practiced. Most people living in India now either choose Shiva or Vishnu as “Lord” or the supreme godhead for them and worship that concept in an alien to India, “This is the ONLY one that matters EVER” sort of way. The patron deity of India, Indra himself is no longer even appreciated by his people. That’s fucked up. This could connect to Windy’s research in a big way. Maybe we’ve been calling the same de-throning force different names. You are sure it’s lucifer. I’m not so sure who to blame or call out but I do know that there is an eerie worldwide change around exactly 600 AD that ruins multiple religions at the same time as spawning one from one insane warlord.. All of a sudden you have a group of people walking around a Saturn effigy/sacred meteor in a harsh location. This leads me to believe that Islam is the only current religion at the direct command of some type of Parasite or Black goo/false divinity.Most other religions are just people continuing to be bad as they were told. Islam is actively living and moving about the world as if at the whims of an insane individual and the most recent of the big 3 to spawn. Most likely their higher echelons are working with something they think is divine but is really black goo monolith kind of stuff. Just my theory though it’s not like I’ve seen the cube at mecca physically and touched it with biological hands and given it a whiff or anything like that. And not to point out Islam as “Evil”. I’m just saying that whatever landed in 400 AD-600 AD had such a monotheistic vibe/impact to our planet that it created a new religion along with corrupting other much older ones. Allah is a moon deity in pre islamic levantine religion known as “Nanna”. Inanna is his daughter and seems like a logical force/inheritance behind Islam. I Just don’t think she’s lucifer because of the venus connections. There are many deities who identify as many planets. it’s completely unreliable. Like different sumerian tablets have Shamash recorded as Saturn and others have him as the modern latin “Sol” or current sun. Some tablets record Jupiter as Enlil and others record Jupiter as Marduk. They aren’t even from the same lineage. And for those that know there is a very large span of events between the advent of Enlil as a being and the creation of Marduk as an avenger type deity..Very different beings who choose similar celestial archetypes.Not saying you’re wrong by any means. But I wonder what actually happened 1600 years ago or started happening to put a wedge in future enlightenment.