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Well I can’t get behind the holographic display completely but I believe the possibility. That is an interesting possibility as neither of us have actually been down there to see the kick-ass things they may or may not have. In another post on here I actually just referenced the builder race or Aratta as being the people whom romanians and others of that region descended from. Basically Slavic gene-groupings are the most related to the original builder race and their history. Those tunnels there you speak of are part of a massive network that exist all among the actual birthplace of the technological superiority of pre-historic groups in the area. Have you ever tried remote viewing any of this ancient European architecture?

Aratta… Agartha.. makes total sense… we are onto something here 😉 Thanks for the info! 😀

Regarding remote viewing, nope… I use Dream Share in other ways. I feel like remote viewing is a fun way to practice your “powers” as it can reveal a lot of truth, even about oneself. But I live in Transylvania. Was born near Porolissum, and now I live in Napoca (both from the map from previous post). I feel a pretty strong connection with these places. I know that in the distant past it was very different.

I leave you in the love and the light of The One Infinite Creator. Go forth then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of The One Infinite Creator.