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That kind of shit is poison to the seeking of actual truth. First of all it focuses so heavily on genetics and not spirit/Intent.It matters because it is purely intellectually dishonest to say that the white/European/Caucasoid racial group is not a true lineage and have no homeland. We won’t ever find the truth unless we sort out our most basic level of fact checking. There’s a whole load of evidence for pre historic sites in europe which just haven’t been dug up because it’s literally not socially relevant to figure out the Pre history of Europe. Since Europeans stole it all anyways…Lol(I don’t really believe this statement.). What I’m really saying is yeah it’s horse shit and truly racist. If people make a stink about race and it’s wrong information, even if you see through race it’s still your duty to stomp out that ignorance before it blossoms. The shit that many of these anti European groups say is complete wishful thinking/Pseudoscience/Actual racism. I myself am Anti racism. I see past it. But there are silly assholes out there trying to unseat a whole genetic group from their homeland for the sake of their feelings/social engineering agendas. I don’t care if that group is any color. That is a wrong action.

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