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Right on Ionut. I’m right with you on some of that. I personally believe that general region of the world is the modern home of the descendants of the people who are known as the ” Aratta people” in some of the publicly translated sumerian tablets.
To Windy. I see the connections you are making but I still disagree respectfully. Lucifer is not god in my humble opinion. That is not the answer. Lucifer is one with Jesus/Horus/Tammuz/. It’s just another Savior archetype that the Vatican has latched onto. But I do agree that the guy the Hindu people call “Vishnu” has been different deities from sumerian writing cross mythos. As you say Ninurta. The story of Ninurta VS. The storm bird Zu and his subsequent quelling of this bird very closely resembles the tale of Vishnu going to Garuda the Great eagle and subduing him, Thus making him into his mount. I am crossing Indian religion with the Sumerian and pan-Germanic/Norse connected mythos. Because there is a clear line of wisdom between those 4. Vishnu was without a doubt both Enlil and Ninurta. That was a “Mahadeva” in Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism known to take more than one avatar in a world eon. He may have been his son in a very warped and real way. Indra really could be a thousand different heroes. Here’s why. If you know anything about Indras( Yes plural). Indras are cyclic like the earth and match up to the parallel myth within older more vedic version hinduism of “Manu”. That’s a very interesting name. Merely Because it contains the sylable ANU. In original oldschool hinduism “Manu” is the title of the first human being created in a world eon or “yuga cycle.” The current “Manu” of this age is also known as “Shraddhadeva Manu” and is in gnostic or biblical terms akin to the cosmic human or ascended adam. Every Manu becomes this one day in vedic thought. I present to you the possibility that this cyclical Manu title is the exact same as a possible “Anu cycle” of birth and death of endless pantheons. The “power of ANU” is more something that the gods use instead of us seeing Anu the character do much himself. They could be using a source of power or method of channeling power that was from an eon they themselves hadn’t totally figured out.