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I can say that a lot of you poses a lot of information that you don’t fully comprehend because you lack connections. You are correct. Lucifer is NOT who the bible portrays him to be. Lucifer is a beautiful entity that has tight connection to “Mother Earth”. He is the protector of all nature. He was trapped in Inner Earth for a long time. Last year in summer there were several attempts to free him from his prison. He is now free and under protection of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Now the etymology of the word GOD. ENGLISH is not a referral language, as it is created from many different languages. Current English is a mixup of German French and so on and so forth. Almost all words come from other languages.

In Romanian the word GOD does not refer to the GOD from the bible. GOD = ZEU (in Romanian). ZEU is used to depict ancient gods like Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian etc.

We refer to the deity depicted in the Bible as DUMNEZEU. This word is coming from old pagan teachings. In Latin “DOMINE DEUS” also known as “DOMNE DEUS”. Pronunciation of DUMNEZEU and DOMNE DEUS are very similar. The term DUMNEZEU is tied to the Tetragrammaton YHWH.

You are talking about the Romans. I am Romanian, our ancestors defeated the Romans many times, the Dacians. Recently it was discovered that the Romans were influenced by the Dacians, not the other way around. Also keep in mind that the oldest writing from this planet was discovered in Romania, predating Sumerian writings with over 1500 years and there is a lot to talk more… but it’s out of scope. They were the most advanced people from Europe at that point in space/time. Herodotus considered Dacian people the most advanced humans that he met. And this is on all levels, spiritual, sociological, economical etc. The Ancient Greeks knew about Bucegi Mountains and they called it Olympus. if you want to find out more you can research Dacian people and Zamolxis.

There is a lot to talk on Earth’s distorted history. But the question is… are you willing to listen? Are you willing to accept that kinda everything that you know is based on lies deception and distortions? 😀

I leave you in the love and the light of The One Infinite Creator. Go forth then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of The One Infinite Creator.