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The picture is a link for you to follow further it is the origin from the Greek perspective of the time, of the Gawd family. The Romans where the ones who fell in love with the God and eventually had a God for many towns and cities which is why they had so many female deities. It will take a bit more than a couple of posts to learn what I know of the story, the Roman part of the history is why we ended up having the word God for the Creator which is where your Germanic links are formed in my opinion.
You obviously have put some thought into this with a genuine want of the truth otherwise you would not have got as far as you have with your knowledge. You may be of great help to me to explain my thoughts better as I take some things for granted. At the moment I am researching other aspects and have moved on from wanting to know who the God is, I can prove it in many ways now but let us see what facts I can present for you.
Enki is often portrayed as others like Poseidon it is not true, from what I have found you will never find Enki with a weapon.
This is a vast topic and to move forward it is best to stay on topic although nearly impossible and it is important to consider the Sumerian as it is probably the best unadulterated stories we have, the others being added to and altered over time.
It is important to remember that Ninurta became the Enlil.
If you consider that the father Gawd died, he was executed.
The son of Gawd sacrificed himself to retain rulership of the earth, we are left with the mother Gawd.
Gawd was called illa in the Indian epic when she was female as a male she was called Lla.
The Jewish religious cult calls God Elah
The Islamists of course call God Allah
God, Elah, Allah, Illa/Lla everyone worships the God, she is Innana.
Shammash is also worshiped by all in varying ways as the sun and is the brother to Innana.
Innana is Venus and that leads to the Helel.
Lucifer is God.

God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer