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Also would like to point out that Odin was more likely Shiva and not Indra. Indra was Thor if you want to mix Vedic/Viking like that. Shiva and Vishnu seem like Enki/Enlil the notorious brothers of the cosmos if you compare their dispositions and deeds, Enlil being Vishnu if you want to compare it Vedic to Sumerian.. Indra is alot more likely to be Marduk in my opinion/research especially comparing the defeat of “Vritra”, with the slaying of “Tiamat”, by Marduk. In the ruins of the possibly nuked Mohenjo daro site we can clearly see a depiction of Shiva as the stag lord or lord of the hunt that we see in even cave paintings going back 30K years or more in central Europe and even as far as Australia.