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I agree with you on the “theft of heaven”. mythological records being very unified. There is evidence that at one point a female deity of some sort totally messed up the planet. The only real thing I had to say to your points was purely an etymological disagreement on the origins of words. I see that picture you sent me. And it is cool. But it doesn’t qualify as evidence and just being told that the books exist is not evidence either. So please do consider me unconvinced still.Though I do still agree with the core conspiracy that some malignant female presence has taken control over the former pantheon leading to our current reality. The name sharing of indo-european pantheons was never an issue to me. The original point of me saying anything was to put a reality check on uncertainty/wild speculation with known/knowable facts. It’s not a personal attack on you it’s just me calling skepticism to your assertion that this is absolutely real and true. Anything is possible. In fact I think what you suggest and assert as fact has a possibility of being true, But also a bunch of other ideas on how this whole thing is run are also possible..It’s just counter enlightenment to say we know things without presenting ample valid evidence. Lets say you do have all the documents we need to prove this. We would be fools to take your word for it.