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OK, I am always confronted by them to shut me up, it would be a delight for me to converse with someone who is passionate as well in finding the source of all of this knowledge which has mostly been hidden from us.
Khooda [God the Father] is the ancient title of Lord Indra, very similar to your Godan for Odin both being the Father of the pantheon makes sense.
1600 BC or just prior to this time is correct it is when it happened, that Ishtar took the Name and called herself God[Gawd].
Researching the Gads is very difficult as it is highly suppressed.
There are Greek images of the Gads, the mother father and son from Mesopotamia which are examples of a particular time and their cultures imagining of the trinity.
I do have parts of these banned books but am unable to share them.
All civilizations over the time have told the story in differing ways with different titles but the structure is the same. The Egyptian story of Isis’s betrayal of Ra is one example, The story in the Indian epic provides more clues with the relationship of Lord Krishna and his mother Devi is another.
Of course the Tammuz tales are at the heart of the story.
What is it that you really want to prove ?
The current religious culture of our time has all the evidence, it is right in every ones face but we see it as opposite to what is said.
Luciferians speak in truth but in an opposite manner,
They say for an example that the cross is a symbol of life but in reality it is a symbol of death, both are true.
Learning to understand how they manipulate the reality of knowledge is key to understanding.
The four letter Name becomes obvious when you look at all prior written works, it was always Him.
Here is an image of the Gads from the Duracitadel

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God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer