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You are obviously very passionate about your research but that’s no reason to resort to accusations of luciferianism as a form of personal attack not even grounded in reality. Just chill out. Take a step back. We’re both just people lol. I’ve done my own research and at the same time I can respect yours. We don’t have to agree but still it’s good to see and exchange esoteric thoughts on a platform like this. Here’s a bit of my research that I left out of my previous post. That Proto-Indo-European-Germanic Pagan root name for the word “God” is from at least 1600 B.C. and possibly older if you go after some sources. I agree that the Romans screwed many things up. One of those things is Pagan mythology and traditions that we will never recover and have everything to do with Germanic/Celtic heritage Patron gods. Different iterations of the word/name that would one day end up as Odin/Woden much later in the scope of history is just one example of some breadcrumbs we can manage to scavenge from the ruins of forgotten cultures. I simply ask you to present the evidence of these banned books/materials you are saying this is sourced from because it is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence to hold water. Again, Like the passion, But where’s the evidence?