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The name/word God is from the proto germanic word “Gudan/Guđánaz”. This word has been heavily researched because of it’s obvious interest and most etymologists believe it links to Sanskrit language more so than the levantine mythologies. It’s more of a descriptive noun according to the best minds in the field.. “Godan” is an old name for Odin. Guđánaz is the root of Godan/Wodan. The first remembered god-king(think germanic gilgamesh) of the germanic people’s early tribes was named “Gaut”…The word “God” comes from all those male proto-germanic-sanskrit deity conceptualization and or ancient king. That is just the truth of etymological research.Another thing I need to address is that Even the oldest/most advanced Rabbi have long forgotten how to pronounce the tetragrammaton in it’s original form. I heavily doubt an independent researcher has rediscovered it. Don’t mean to be harsh this is just a truth-bomb I felt needed dropping on this topic.