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Here’s a bit of a theory on that question. What are any of those things? With a high enough level of technology you could engineer yourself to be able to materialize yourself and even perform acts of alchemy on this 3-D reality. “Angels” or any other above human ability type of thing are also just beings at a certain level of spiritual/physical development and could even be explained as the tenants of a type 5 civilization operating outside of our time/universe’s laws. Where did it all come from? What if it all comes from us? It’s an unsatisfactory answer for many who want to think about reality on a deep level. It is my contention that human consciousness generates many planes of realities and types of beings simply through the act of rebirth. Just a hypothesis but maybe it all came from a non corrupt source reality and continued to fall into more and more division and does so repeatedly. In other words all realities stem from the cosmic human consciousness. Whether it’s higher or lower than your’s would depend entirely on the angel/you. We’re all along a path of some sort even gods of creation who crap out cosmic eggs. They might die during childbirth of the new universe and reincarnate as the demi-urgic ruler of that very same universe they worked so hard to push out in another life, and not even know. All of the cosmic hierarchy of types of beings are just as along for the ride as we are and I don’t think they know it themselves. We’re all players on different levels. Nobody has ever escaped the game and came back to tell us what exists outside of what we call “reality”. Not saying you can’t escape just don’t know why you’d want to come back for any reason no matter how good.