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Thanks for the post.
I feel like a lot of the problems with humanity arise from a mental problem. A lack of principles once held as important, now days ignored.
Is this something that you agree with? Can you say you’re comfortable to speak on behalf of this Alliance? If so would you say that it is “their” belief that our humanity problem arises in our minds and from a lack of understanding of some key principles?
I feel it is… but cannot quite put a finger on what exactly needs to be learned or taught to us humans in order to rise up. Any thoughts?
Thank you.

I can not say consciously that I represent the Galactic Federation of Light in this moment, here on Earth. I can assure you that I was there and that I am in contact with the (let’s call it short) GFL for some while.

Now, as you’ve said, humans lack some understanding regarding some basic principles on what this creation works on. Some basic rules let’s say. This what you call “mental problem” it is in fact a mental blockage put there either by the mind/body/spirit complex as an individual, consciously or unconsciously and by the Orion Group (Illuminati aka Syndicate aka Cabal etc.). Keeping information away from the masses also plays an important role in this distortion. The distortion of words themselves plays a very important role in this as well. All that I’m trying to say is that this is a combination of multiple factors, mental, spiritual and physical.

Humans already have the potential to do a lot of things that they are not even aware that they can do. Let’s say that humans need to remember that they have these “powers”. It is a long process, but now as we approach The Harvest the amount of information that can be processed by humans it is much greater than let’s say 7 years ago. The catch is that the mind/body/spirit complex needs to make the choice, he needs to want to find out what’s really going on. This is why I believe that this last meeting was important as acceptance is needed from the human part for the GFL intervention. I firmly believe that we are closing in on the minimum “percent” of humans that are asking for “outside” help.

Regarding with what a mind/body/spirit complex need to begin, are some basic universal principles.But as with everything in creation we need to start from the beginning, from “Source”. We need to understand that everything is ONE and that the Law is One. This is the most basic principle. I will make a post detailing some of the basic universal principles that apply to everything.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions ;).

I leave you in the love and the light of The One Infinite Creator. Go forth then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of The One Infinite Creator.