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As no one appears to take any interest I will just add a quick reference to the Book of Revelation quotes in chapter 11;2-3 which refer to the nations treading down the holy city for 42 months and the two olive branches which prophesy for 1260 days and leave you all with these considerations.
If you add 1260 years to the date 687 you get 1947
If you add 1335 years to the date 687 you get 2022
You see the tribulation has been happening for a long time
There will be no three and a half year Antichrist rein
I suggest the religious minded consider how they have been duped into believing that IEUE
requires any type of blood sacrifice, it has been a deception.
Jesus was not the Messiah he was a messenger
The Messiah is actually alive some where on earth right now and if you look to the ancient writings you will find many references to explain his character and his life.
IEUE is the only one who saves, you all should get to know Him

God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer