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I have done a synopsis of the book of Malachi showing the king James version, a direct transliteration and a version that I choose to read myself as I think it reveals underlying meanings that can not be seen without using correct names. I have attempted to modernize the verses as the 17th century version King James is not a language we speak today English has changed in many ways since then. I would also like to bring to your attention the dead sea scroll translations, have you ever considered why manuscripts found in the 20th century have been translated into a 17th century language because that is what they did the thy’s etc give structure to the dead sea scrolls, it makes them ambiguous in meanings.
I have used the ISA the interlinear scripture analyzer basic version for the transliteration, I recommend to you if you are interested to source the ISA as it is a wonderful source to understand the biblical books.
There are varying descriptive words/titles describing our Creator in the old testament books but they are lost due to the use of the titles of God and Lord, it takes a bit of thought to understand them but gives a great scope in understanding who IEUE is.
This synopsis is not perfect, none of the biblical books can be as most are compiled from various written works so it is impossible to have a perfect word and letter copy, gematria is rubbish when you consider this fact, this is a good start and I will work further on this book of Malachi in the future. I hope some of you take this further yourselves the understanding of these biblical books really does come to life with things said you would never have imagined possible.

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God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer