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A point of clarification:

In the industry, we talk about “All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.” This is true because what we call hypnosis is the structured alteration of those same brainwave frequency patterns which you employ to daydream and learn any information. Mentally deficient people cannot be hypnotized as they do not have the same electrical behavior in their brains.

To say that one “cannot be hypnotized” is to admit that one is a cretin and too stupid to dream or imagine anything.

It is more accurate to say that one “refused to be hypnotized”, which is your right, for better or for worse.

Unfortunately, as young children, we walk around in hypnotic trances all the time and soak up all kinds of garbage from family, media and institutions (church, school, etc.) A good hypnotist who understands deprogramming can show you how to “wash your own brain.” They are few and far between, with most being hacks who repeat scripts. Weight loss, smoking cessation and self-esteem make the money and are easy. Confronting Alters and MKULTRA level programming is difficult.

Any library will have a text on self-hypnosis (progressive relaxation is a good technique) so you can do it yourself. Until Mesmer introduced it to the Science cult, it was documented as ‘magic’ as far back as the Pharaohs.

We are taught to fear change. Anything that conflicts with the narrative is ‘bad’, even if more accurate.

It takes a brave wolf to separate from the pack and venture alone into the unknown.