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I believe that everyone has a truth in whatever dimensional reality they perceive to be real. Columbus sailed out from other flat earth mentalities to discover a new world, that was his dimensional mentality. It went down in history, almost eradicated an entire blood line, and helped shape the world into what we know now. I believe that if you didn’t have both sides, new things would never be discovered. Who is to say that Columbus didn’t create the new world he discovered by manifesting it? How do we know for sure that the Creator seen that someone had the balls to embark on a quest to prove everyone wrong; thus creating a new world for him? Everyone has their own path and their own reality. I would rather understand things than oppose them or bash them However; a good internet brawl does get peoples attention quickly and make them think. The point is that it all starts with someone reaching out to discover new things and in most cases the finances to do so. I grammar how need to grammar at this time on my path as well. Thank you for such an interesting forum on this really cool website with cool people!