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I ju$t find it $o hard to under$tand WHY NA$A would ever $ay anything fal$e….

Thanks those above for posts, interesting to read.

I’d sooner entertain existence of a hollow area of Earth vs a flat plane . although I must admit, some of the points the flat earthers make are interesting…. I just can’t believe it though, its just really far out….

Has anyone seen the scuba divers in reflection of helmet of space suits? Cant find where I saw that but I feel like it was recent footage. Strange, supposed real footage from NASA…. We all know they train in pools, but this was space footage. I just can’t believe that mars is fake, space is fake, etc…. Especially after reading through these old school texts we all here know and love.

Enuma elish with the battle between Marduk and Tiamat especially. It seems we have forgotten so much….

This was an experiment