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This has been a very Human exchange to witness. A few points to consider:

We have no proof that we are not in a high quality simulation, only some scientists telling us that it is ‘impossible’. Those same types of people told the Wright brothers that heavier-than-air flight was impossible a little over a hundred years ago.

If Earth is flat, then the model of a round Earth is useful to identify people who accept without question.
If the Earth is round, then the model of a flat Earth is useful as an exercise to expand our imaginations and questioning abilities.

If this is a simulation of an existence on a round planet projected onto a flat plane for the convenience of the programmer(s), everyone can also be correct. What if this is a training program for multi-dimensional Jedi-type peacekeepers? (I kinda liked this suggestion, myself.) We do not know.

As stated briefly earlier, what if we now have the technology to prove that we are creating our reality through our beliefs and conscious effort? Would someone expecting a Biblical flat Earth strike the Firmamant if they fired a rocket at it? Would a Globe-believer not experience that because it does not exist for them? What if we are only experiencing certain things/events because they are integral to our purpose here, and that we pt them here at a level of which we are not aware?

I like Climate Change because it is so silly. Of course the Climate is changing. It is the only true scientific Constant in all of Reality. Everything else eventually changes.