walter maderia
walter maderia
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Thanks for the apology I’m not sure I deserve it and I appreciate your opinion on this this very strange subject… I feel that spherical earth can be proven to the individual but only if they are open to it, A simple trip to space or to the moon would satisfy me… But for the FE believer this won’t work. their view is that everything fake, this would include the rocket ride through space to the moon. This would all be a simulation in their minds, even a space walk would no convince them. It’s just a simulation. Short of throwing them out an air lock and letting them suffer in the vacuum of space I don’t know how to convince a true believer of anything. that they are wrong. I hate to think of things in absolutes I’ve always said what if. It’s just this subject absolutely changes everything I say “What IF?” about and whats the fun in that
I just can’t see why? or how if true it was not taught to us in the first place.. at least with other conspiracy theory’s there is a reason to keep it secret… according to there own beliefs man started out thinking the earth was flat so why change that in the first place? anyone’s welcome to comment helps us understand