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I myself still grapple with who a troll is. so please excuse me as I’m 61 years old and always envisioned a troll as part of a tall tail from the days of yore. I picture a gruesome little fellow popping up from an old country bridge asking for a fee to cross it.
but today’s analogy appears with people that disagree with a guest or have no perception of the subject matter.
and just want to be part of a conversation no matter what they say. who has not done that let them step forward
you see not many are going to do that because they know what I mean. it’s a hard thing to explain to somebody that is not ready for an explanation of the subject. I think what we call trolls are mostly people that are wondering what the answer is and trying to find a way to start. So for me I mostly now wait for a question before I attempt to disrupt the narrative. we need to be kind to are fellow humans even when they are not kind to us.

Robert M Ritter