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walter maderia
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I will apologize for spelling 1 word wrong in each of my 2 posts it was unforgivable for that to happen Damn-it i left two letters out and it should have never happened especially with spell check active… And I also never finished collage, I only went to a technical collage for a couple of semesters and studied drafting but you probably could tell that by my poor spelling and grammar.
Well my concern with this question is if this flat earth theory is correct the way its being presented is there is no other planets or solar systems for the ETs to come here from. And most of the stuff discussed here on this web site is also false and a complete waist of time.
And the reason i asked the question the way i did was because I was insulted by the way I was treated on other chats for asking questions that they had no answers for. I was just insulted and told that i was a puppet and to wake up to the truth similar to the way you approached the subject… P.S. I hope I’ve caught all the spelling mistakes this time and yes i know my grammar sucks77 thank you