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I guess that could be true, but again, it wouldn’t matter, and it wouldn’t definitely be something we could change. Dark City is probably closer to the truth than a flat earth. That was a pretty cool movie in its time, actually. Maybe the earth is just a lot bigger than we think it is. Maybe there are many other continents. Maybe the earth doesn’t exist at all. I’m just guessing. Obviously, I am as right as I am wrong. Just give me a red pill and I’ll work on the rest. If the world is flat, which is fine with me, what do the flat-earthers win? Is there a prize? I still don’t understand why it matters, unless it becomes a biblical center-of-the-universe thing, but faith doesn’t require proof. There is just no excuse for the argument. I must be wrong, but I am blind to the reasons why. Flat earth is the most ridiculous argument I have ever considered. It’s as if we should argue that rabbits are actually deer. Is there any point to the argument?

If I wanted to talk about a flat earth, I would suggest that every photon is like a pixel on a screen, and we see whatever the photons manifest, according to the instructions given to the photons. Therefore, we live in a virtual reality and we call it reality. No two people seem to agree 100% on what this reality is, and that makes sense, because reality lies in the eyes of the beholder. What we actually live in is a quantum world that expresses the mass compromise of what we all believe, and it satisfies none of us completely, because none of us sees what we actually believe.

I’m just throwing that out there. I’m sort of a low-energy guy. Flat earth vs Round earth just irritates me as much as paint vs. wallpaper. I could not care less, but apparently I care enough that it makes me complain constantly. I’d really love absolute proof of either scenario but I know that it will not happen. Science supports both scenarios equally, even if ignorant people do not want to believe that. For example, how many scientists would say the earth is flat, when they know that there is no absolute proof that it is round or any other shape? It’s all just an illusion that we want to believe, regardless of what it is that we want to believe. It is truly folly. I’ll still do tomorrow what I planned to do tomorrow, provided that I find myself here. If the earth is a huge tortoise, I’ll still make breakfast and do what I do.

I’m just saying, there doesn’t seem to be a winner in the argument. It just doesn’t matter what the world is. We still live in the world as we see it. Maybe we should focus less on what the earth is and focus more upon who and what we are. The earth only matters because we believe we are on it. Do we believe that? I am not really sure for myself. There are bigger things to consider. That’s all I am trying to say, or so I think. I don’t really know, and I don’t think that anyone does know. It just seems like a pointless argument to distract from more important things, such as my reason for bothering to type all this nonsense that few people will ever read. I honestly cannot explain that. I guess I would like to have the reward of an emotion that fulfills me because I am right, but all along, I know that I can’t be right. If I am right, I am a genius, and I think we might all agree that such a thing is unlikely.