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Who is the fool that proposed this question? I really don’t see any reason to respect a person who proposes such a question.

First of all, your question only permits two answers: Either flat-earthers are misinformed or they are mentally ill. You didn’t spell correctly, but I am sure that is a sign of your genius. That exposes immediately your complete lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge is otherwise known as ignorance. You are ignorant. According to physics, which apparently functions on any earth regardless of the shape, photons only form particles when they are observed, and photons constitute everything that we observe. Furthermore, photons exhibit the behavior that we expect, meaning that, if you want the earth to be spherical you will see it that way, and if you want it to be flat you will see it that way. Will your sorry-assed life ever change depending on whether the earth is round or flat? NO. It will not. Go learn about physics, you self-interested effing scholastic idiot. Your own science proves that you do not know if the world is round or flat or even square. Get an education. BTW, I never finished college, because I found a great job, but I did make it through high school with much frustration. I’ll bet you think that means I am stupid. It just means I don’t see the same ridiculous reality that you see, thanks to Physics and Photons. I don’t care if the world is a frigging dodecagon. It doesn’t change my daily routine. Go to hell and learn physics, jackass. Please learn how to spell words in English as well. I have no tolerance for such foolishness. If you return I shall taunt you a second time. Silly English K-nig-hit. It doesn’t matter if the earth is round or flat, jerk-off. You are still here, unfortunately perhaps, for the rest of us. Yes, I am trolling, because your question was and is ridiculous.

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