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I can relate.

I have a clear memory of being 7 years old, being at a pet store in a mall with my parents buying a cocker spaniel puppy, Penny. My friend was with us. I remember looking at him across an aisle of something it other in the store.
I clearly remember him being there….
But when I spoke about it years later, aged about 12, with Mom while recounting details of Penny’s time with us, she told me that, no, my friend was not with us, nor were we at a mall….
I have a good memory. I remember dreams from early childhood…. My 4th birthday even I remember being in the hall way of home bracing my arms and legs against the opposing walls and trying to climb upwards while Mom made cupcakes to take to daycare…. Many other memories but just to say with this last example, I am confident in my memory.
But the dog thing never happened apparently, not like I remembered it…. Strange. Not saying this is Mandela or what, but interesting and i still wonder about the discrepancy.

I wonder….. Would the Mandela effect involve a certain date or year? My memory of the pet store would have been ’91 or ’92….

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This was an experiment