walter maderia
walter maderia
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Well as i said in my first post you ask a few what should be simple questions to answer and you just get back that “you are programed and you need to wake up the earth is flat there is no space” and then a reference to what is clearly a sci-fi movie from the 70s… A better fake space movie is 2001 all the space scenes are faked in that movie and were a little more realistic then star wars…. My opinion on FE and space are not from the movies or text books but though everyday observations. Here is a good one, take a decent tele-scope and look at Jupiter and you will see a large round ball with a big spot on it that moves and 4 small dots rotating around it.
New thought How about this the flat earth theory is a Psy-op. Al Gore, he use to say that Global Warming Deniers where just as bad as Flat Earthers. Maybe the powers that be are trying to change some minds by showing just how stupid FEers really are… Just an idea what do you think?