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Yo! Check this out! The thing that screams to me the most from this is the fact that it has been purposeful to force us into shutting down focus on one side of the brain or the other! So, the reason why I decided to go into teaching was actually for writing…I wanted to teach creative writing. Once I started learning all of the core subjects, I learned them with a new pair of eyes. I just wanted to learn. So, in a way, I took from these classes powerful knowledge because of the fact that I was so eager to learn and everything is connected.

Anyways, I thought it would be cool to be able to teach a little bit of all the subjects, so I looked into elementary teaching. Around this time, I came across some research that showed; by the age of 14 our brain no longer simultaneously transfers between the right and left hemispheres. It settles into right or left. The majority of people are right handed and that dominates the left hemisphere. So, obviously left hand dominates right side of the brain. So, this article talks about the importance of children to work over their midline.

Why Crossing the Midline Activities Helped this Child Listen to his Teacher

If you’re not sure what that means, it’s basically doing activities that keep the simultaneous interaction between the right and left hemispheres by doing activities with both the right and left sides of the body, then crossing them over (the mid line) an making connections for more brain stimulation.

Now, the school systems brag about this. They teach it! Teachers have to go to extra classes about it lol Then, everyone gets all psycho about it…then, next thing you know the rules are changing…or there are new programs implemented by Pearson and a “mandatory” state wide test. Sponsored by who? Pearson! Coincidence? I think not! Cursive writing has been taken out of the public school curriculum unless you wanna pay a bit extra for a Montessori school. Everything contradicts itself. The school systems look not so bad from the outside, but the core of it is getting rotten. Well, has been…

So, with that said, I believe this could be taken on an adult level as well. What if we tried to at least focus more on doing more with our non-dominant side? Practice writing with the other hand even. Get things stimulated, you know? Try brushing our teeth with the non-dominant side? Consciously try doing things with the non-dominant side?

Wanna hear a rune story real quick? It’s one of my favorites! So, the rune is Tiwaz. Here is a great break down of the story I’m referring to.

The Binding of Fenrir

My favorite part of the story is this, “When the gods presented Fenrir with the curiously light and supple Gleipnir, the wolf suspected trickery and refused to be bound with it unless one of the gods would lay his or her hand in his jaws as a pledge of good faith. None of the gods agreed, knowing that this would mean the loss of a hand and the breaking of an oath. At last, the brave Tyr, for the good of all life, volunteered to fulfill the wolf’s demand. And, sure enough, when Fenrir discovered that he was unable to escape from Gleipnir, he chomped off and swallowed Tyr’s hand.”
Now, Tiwaz is the rune of self sacrifice and victory, but he also gained access to new knowledge in his brain too! Imagine what that would have been like for him. He was forced to force himself to learn a whole new side of himself…LITERALLY! On so many levels! Great dude! That guy is cool with me lol
The bottom line and my point here is, I believe that if we are able to teach and encourage this with young ones and/or age doesn’t matter. Anyone can do this! This can help to access the better parts of our imagination and become better creators!

“Art is the Weapon. Your Imagination is the Ammunition. Stay Dirty, and Stay Dangerous. Create and Destroy as you see fit. Embrace your Originality. The Aftermath is Secondary. You can and should do Anything.”

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