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you just described the ideas of Absolute Light in esoteric teachings. your using modern terms but what you are saying is so close its uncanny… but let me add that time is not real. time is only a system of measurement of our movement through space. if youve noticed the studies on the big bang dont show that we are slowing but that this expansion just occurred. and indeed it did. this brings me to the term time/space. and the reason is that they are one and the same. so it is possible to ‘see’ and be ‘aware’ of other time/space locations it is impossible to physically move away from our current location in time/space. now this supports the holographic universe and in stride with these ideas is why we cannot move our physical selves in time/space because we are currently doing just that. now we can move with our minds or our interconnected ego selves throughout time/space because we have already moved through its entirety at the moment of creation of the holographic universe as you put it. this makes me think of the passage in genesis when darkness was upon the void. when the light moved upon it it was the aspect of creation that interconnected us in all our bodies throughout time/space. so we are as the ouroboros. the reason we experience time the way we do i think is a side effect of gravity and physical matter. i often wonder how we would experience physicality outside of gravities influence. lol but are we repeating ourselves! ?

i had a kundalini experience after much longer then 5 years. i wasnt tryin at the time but it was intensely euphoric and i didnt know what i had experienced until a few years later. and although i did have that profound experience it only led me to the understanding i had only scratched the surface of what this kundalini is in myself. and i perhaps never will understand it.