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well there is a huge amount of info on this but recently I read about the former base that is closed to the public and still guarded. they had to change the location of the place because the gov did not want people trying to sneak into the base. I think it deserves to be investigated and the truth of this place be told to people.
it was always about creating a weapon that could be used on anyone to test and perfect.
When I was stationed in Germany in the 70’s there are places reg people cant go to. on several bases where I was there was underground German air force plane stalls. and tank stalls. I was the guy that would go exploring at night into bunkers and all. one night I found an entrance to this place and there were at least 4 Tiger tanks intact like new in there. loaded with ammo guns and all complete. really weird stuff this place was a testing facility. I wish I could have got pictures all I had was a Kodak Instamatic used film carts and flash bulbs. and i used up all my film there then got it confiscated. there are so many things people have no idea about it’s been held back as secret. but the Montauk thing has other references to things that have been filmed for TV ideas as a sort of disinformation thing. remember star-gate Atlantis the first episode was about a chair that when sat in by only certain people you could control the base because it would connect ones brain to the electronics. all very again similar to this place. there is a bunch of pics of this place like near the front gate place look like a nightmare man would I love to explore that place. it’s only 45 min drive from here.

Robert M Ritter