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Sky Captain
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my bunker is located in Peterborough New Hampshire at 3100 feet built in solid rock from a resident living there I have now about 2000 sq feet inside space and a commanding view over the rock face because there are several cabins about 1000 feet away I have commercial power and a tower I put up with 6 cams and a small antenna farm since Im into ham radio I mostly use for digital radio packets and some voice for emergency communications. the road to the top is hard to get up to unless you have a snowmobile I just had the inside done over with complete air filtration water filtration plant a 65 k watt diesel generator. it’s pretty awesome it’s 6 hours from where I’m at now but since I fly a small chopper I can take my family and be there in like less then 3 hours god forbidding.

Robert M Ritter