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Indeed, video footage would have been key. I was so shocked and in a bit of a hurry, that I did not think of it. Definitely next time 😉

I could stand some more research on sun halos. A quick search found some photos and videos of the same sun halo from all over the world. Looks like it lasted over a week! I am pretty sure I saw it on Monday, November 13th.

National Weather Service - Las Vegas, NV November 13, 2017

Here in Los Angeles, it looked like the above photo from the National Weather Service – Las Vegas, NV, but there were chemtrails criss crossing all over the cirrus clouds to the point where it looked like a planet or second sun was peaking through. Are they doing this on purpose? Are they purporting to create Nibiru to keep those of us who look up in a state of fear? Why else would they cover a sun halo so profusely with chemtrails?

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