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I remember this guy! Fascinating! I could listen to him for hours. Wait! I just did 😉 Awesome storyteller! Most of what he says goes clear over my head. He is so chill. Rex goes on a thimerosal tirade and he waits patiently until Rex is done, then picks back up right where he left off. Love him! I’m so glad Rex is bringing him back. I am divagating though…

It was last week, sometime in the late morning, when I was going to my daughter’s school. I volunteer in the computer lab. As I walked down the sidewalk, I looked up. I do this frequently. Most people don’t. On that day, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. The sun was there, like always. I could just make out it’s firey outline through the chemtrails. I live in The Valley in LA. Chemtrails are the norm, though on that day, they were kind of heavy. What caused my heart to leap, and my feet to stop working, was the orblike light to the bottom left of the sun. It was like I was looking at one of those iPhone photos that Marshall Master gets from those suburban housewives he likes to interview. OMG. It’s Nibiru. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed. A couple of cars drove by, blazing over the residential speed bumps, undercarriage be damned. A cellphone guy with a backpack was zombieing down the sidewalk across the street. I looked back up. The orb of light was still there. I started walking again. No. There’s no way. That can’t be right. I looked up again. Still there. I continued down the sidewalk in this manner until I made it to the school. Inside the campus, there were too many trees to see the sky. Once I was in the computer lab with the kids, I completely forgot about the orb. School let out early, right after computer lab. It was a minimum day due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. I collected my daughter and a few of her classmates and headed to the kindergarten playground. Some working parents hadn’t made plans for their kids, so I helped out. Once on the playground, I could see the sky again. The orb! The chemtrails had disipated quite a bit. I could see the sun much more clearly. I had to raise my hand to block the light. What I saw was dazzling! The sun was completely surrounded by a ring, like a rainbow. I had never seen a sun halo before. It was amazing! So there was no Nibiru. It was part of the sun halo peaking through the chemtrails. Why would they so heavily chemtrail a sun halo?