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You really want to know Rex then here it is.A male takes a menstrating female and uses a technique called vajroli mudra draws menstral blood from the female into his male urethra and ejaculates the blood into another mans anus. The male then takes an ovulating female uses vajroli mudra to remove her embryos then deposits this in the mans anus that contains the menstral blood he then ejaculates seamen in to the whole mess causing fertilisation of the embryos in the male anus this is then removed again using vajroli mudra and the whole mess is ejaculated into another female host she then gives birth nine months later to another elite retard. The technique called vajroli mudra is found in a book called the umesh yoga Darsan volume 2. There you go hope you all sleep well tonight that is a basic rundown of the rite. They take creation away from god this shit is so evil.