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HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Him and the REST OF THEM will get it. This is a very VILE planet.. it’s time to clean it up! .. just in time for the 2025-27 audible – magnetic convergence. Still don’t believe me? I told the guardians about 6 months before the so famed “COVID-19” ever started coming out into the public; via china that this will occur. Now the virus, comes up next is the “AI WAR”… be prepared, not scared! There are 3 steps to this before we return. Now there are many probabilities that some of this may not come true, or may not happen – It’s not guaranteed, because people make choices everyday, which then change the world for the better or for the worse.

Those who RECOVER AND SURVIVE the VIRAL INFECTION – are the HOSTS… Those who DIE; are the NON HOSTS. Simple as THAT.

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