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:O … I don’t know about that claim. I do know for a fact the virus also affects the nervous system including the male reproduction system as well. HMM… but that information is heavily suppressed…. Covid19 invade cells by combining with an enzyme called ACE2 – which exists in large amounts in the testes.. as well in other organs such as the kidneys and the heart. So.. one of the “suppressed” symptoms is that if you have sex, and your “tubes” inside your scrotum begins to hurt at ejaculation, or feels extremely weird, then you most likely have the virus. Such damages to the testes may lead to infertility and testicular tumors.

On top of that.. the 4 “insertions” on the genome ARE ‘combiners’ – or protease inhibitors, as such ‘fusers’ are protein in make up. Therefore making it more virulent, plus the combination of two RNAs are in one overall viral pattern. Believe it or not, this REQUIRES the use of PICOLOGIC Technology in order to combine. This cannot be created in Nature, no matter how many times CNN News, ETC try to cover it up.