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I would love to add EVIDENCE to the movie too! –

I wrote this before:

You need to check the names. IF you look at Anatolia, check here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum_of_Anatolian_Civilizations#/media/File:Anatolian_Civilizations_Museum_1490.jpg
and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum_of_Anatolian_Civilizations —- what does this remind you of? There were 7 civilizations (7 brothers and their groups). The seven names of these groups are…. well.. believe it or not..modern names in english: Annunaki, Annagen, Anatolia, Anakazi, Anahopa, Anulagan, and Anasartia. These names are a spin off from a main civilization before the name of Annunaki. The origin in english name, for Annunaki is Annuna – The Annuna group split off into these names…Annunaki is head of the group, adding in KI, in respect for the daughter or wife of Anu. (family inbreeding issue; consort) – All these names are in respect for the sky deity Anu or An.. For a long while, I thought my family’s ancestors, the Annagen group was just another name for Annunaki.. I found out not too long ago, that I was very wrong about that. It’s actually a real separate name. I have written some of this on the Leak Project forums about the “Naki”.. Naki means “Ascend”. So I am glad people are finally coming to the terms of realization of such names. So this is what I have, to give you all.. It’s the truth, which is now just a matter of proving it. Some of the groups such as Annunaki, Anatolia, Anakazi and Anahopa is well known, but the rest of them are just not discovered yet.

We know who the Annunaki, Anatolia, Anakazi and Anahopa are. Anakazi is none the other Anasazi – and Anahopa is the Hopi. These names had changed hands more than once throughout their generations. The other names of Annagen, Anulagan and Anasartia sounds very familiar right? – the evidence is tied into their descriptions of origin – ancient depictions regarding the “tree of life” etc etc.. So.. find that.. then you got a match just like the Anatolians on the wikipedia page.