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Wow.. another woowoo story for you all..

When I was at the council meeting at the triumvirate building, I met several people who just came in from another part of the world. They all sat down and started discussing about the COVID virus, apparently the new name for the famed coronavirus.

I stood up and said I do not want this to spread to the entire world. It is not worth on dealing with the severe outcome of this virus. With a kind question from a guy who sat in the back end of the convention table, asked ‘why’.

I told everyone that I care about mankind – and I do not like to see this great suffering coming upon the planet Earth. The Earth had suffered enough. The guy said, ‘we have to separate the wheat from the chaff’. I told him, that it is absolutely unnecessary to do this course of action in order to speed up the convergence in 2025-27. The convergence of both audible frequency and the magnetic north which both will still collide and will take it’s natural course. There is no need to speed up the death of countless millions of people. It is not needed.

People began whispering to each other at the table. The chairwoman said that they will return with their decision within the hour. I sat there at the table alone, while awaiting for their decision. This woman came up to me from the next door break room, and said “why care”?.. “Why care at all?”…

I told her, “I love you just as same as them”…

The group came back into the convention room and sat down.

“An, we’ve decided that in our best interests, to not pursue a course of action on Planet Earth.”
“Is there anything you like to add before we make a declaration?”…

“Yes, I would like to add that in 1981, there was a book written about this whole thing. It is publicly found in paperbacks, as “Dean Koontz, The eyes of darkness” a New York #1 bestselling author; who wrote the exact explicit details on what was going to happen in the year 2020. Keep in mind, this was written in 1981. You see, people have already known about this virus and it exposes this council on a level that it should not be exposed to.”

Certain ‘gasps’ and whispering talking back and forth among the members at the table was happening at the moment..

“I also want to include, is that I have already indicated this audible magnetic convergence to the world, and the damning evidence which supports it. I also want to indicate that in 1964, a group of Russian scientists, have already theorized this course of action between the magnetic waves and the acoustic waves in metals inside a magnetic field.

This is referenced as:


Which explains explicit mathematical details on how this could be possible. When you read this, you will understand it explains the exact same detail but although very explicit of what example of a planetary core would do when the pole intersects the audible..”

The conference room went eerily quiet….

“An, in light of this new compelling evidence, we will need to reconvene and determine the next course of action. Thank you for sharing this with us, and we will go ahead on our lunch break, then reconvene this afternoon at 1600 hours”…

I nodded and said nothing further. I just walked out of the room, got into the elevator going across to the lobby and walked out of the building. I hopped on my helobike and headed home. When I got home, I cooked a large cheese burger and turned on the HV (holovision) and sat down on my couch to watch the news while I ate. Nothing much out of the ordinary was going on in the news, so I decided to flip over to the movie channel. I downloaded the movie “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise in it, and it was pretty fascinating just how crisp it is on the holovision. A Holovision is a television that is as thin as air, and it floats in mid air on the wall. Amazing molecular technology. I laid down on the couch and enjoyed the movie. When it was near 1600 hours, I head back to the triumvirate building and entered the conference room. People were already there waiting for me, which surprised me.

“An, due to this compelling evidence you gave us, we have determined to take a new course of action. Starting tomorrow we will begin excursions on the Planet Earth to determine the true effect of this man made biological extremity and pursue a method of clearing it from the planet..”

I said.. “Wait a second, I thought you are the ones who orchestrated this? ”

“No, we did not have our hand in this inane creation. This outbreak on Planet Earth, is already written”

I nodded.. slowly… and said ‘Thank you..’

I went out and went back home. I crawled into the biopod and fell asleep.
I woke up here… this morning.

So.. what does all this mean?

This means they will send crafts to Earth.. science vessels, taking samples of the atmosphere. Once they have sufficient data, then they will send a mother ship to Earth and start taking the virulent atmospheric conditions off of the planet.

Wow.. isn’t this a kick in the head? and surely, it’s one hell of a story.. a good woowoo one!..

Hey.. I found out this early afternoon that the story behind the book and the russian scientists data is absolutely true.
Research it yourself. Every time I have OOBE experience to access the other side, I always try to confirm it.. no matter how crazy it sounds – I will always try to see what it can be and cannot be.

— so stand by… if you guys start seeing the mother ship, or other ships.. know it’s us… we’re here to help.

Crazy eh.. to even say something like this on here.. mind boggling..

Snopes says this is false: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dean-koontz-predicted-coronavirus/ <— read it carefully.

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