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Somewhere in the year 2025 to 2027, but before 2027, The magnetic north will align with the audible frequency of the Earth. It is currently on it’s count down – as it cannot get any further than the truth. With a little research from NOAA geodata and the audible frequency HZ of 136.10 Earth scale according to Hans Cousto information – you will notice it’s acting like if it’s counting down or is on a timer. Coincidence? I think not.

I also know for a fact, this countdown, is what’s causing the “bleed in” with UFOs, other out of place things and views, etc, because of this countdown is getting closer to each other. When was the last time you’ve tried placing two magnets, barely ready to attract each other, but is kept separate in front of a speaker? Do you think this could create a magnetic shield of some sort, while the audible sound frequency is hammering on the magnet dipoles? Surely the more higher the frequency the sound is, the more the field moves outwards from the magnets?? …

So what’s going to happen when the audible frequency intersects with the magnetic north pole alignment? Both has to reach exact position of 136.10 in order to match each other precisely.

2020: 164.036 86.502
2021: 157.690 86.415
2022: 151.948 86.294
2023: 146.826 86.146
2024: 142.293 85.980
2025: 138.299 85.801

2025-2027: 136.100 85.500 ??? <——

This list above from NOAA geomag data is undeniable. It is exactly like if it’s on a timer. Counting down.

Something is bound to happen when it hits that frequency number..another cataclysm? … one involving sound?.. like people have been hearing all over the world.. news reports of mysterious boom sounds, etc, ????

OR.. is it a MERGER?
A merger of an anomaly long forgotten – something to do with our reality. Something greatly suppressed by this worlds’ governments.. top secret.. beyond top secret is more like it.

The spraying in the skies… have specific chemical contents. You know.. UFOs tend to use cloaking technologies. Don’t you think that maybe one of the purposes of their spraying is to also detect cloaked UFOs???? on specific made radar technology while dealing with geoengineering at the same time??

Oh… if the crops are DENIED to grow on the surface of the Earth, I will personally declare WAR against the Earth and it’s evil controllers. I am Annunaki and I can prove it.

People really think that the Annunaki are controllers.. manipulators? – well we may have had our hand in manipulations, but not for evil intent. There’s a thing called “Hosts – Non Hosts” and the Non hosts are the ones who are vile.. I would be more willing to put this global charade to an end.. and if so, it’s going to turn bloody…very bloody. Non Hosts are nothing more than human machines whose sole operating parameters are run by the brain, nothing else. Hosts USE these organic machines and are separate individuals.

I wait for the fateful day when the mag – audible hits.

I am in a body… a human body… that which I control. I am a split host, and I operate this body. I do not have to remain in it, as I can go from one body to the next if so wished. I have been everywhere and people don’t or did not know any wiser. They did not know that I was there, talking with them.. while in another body of an non host. They had NO idea.

Bizarre? Oh yes.. Very….

but.. anything factual in this? Oh yes… all of it is true. Because you have experienced OOBE… out of body experience.. why is that?.. ever think that maybe an OOBE experienced person can literally jump into another body – a non host? .. You bet we can.

Otherwise than that.. if you guys think this is another one of my WOOWOO stories, then SO BE IT… 🙂