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I hope people, mainly scientists take this seriously. If this is largely ignored, then I am afraid this virus may become a full global pandemic. So here’s an excerpt from what I wrote on a youtube channel comment section:

Non polar – demethylate folate. Hmm. Ideas ideas! It is the process itself which I am trying to get at….


For those who have a gene mutation affecting the MTHFR enzyme, their bodies are unable to convert folic acid to methylfolate. For this reason, it’s important for them to take methylfolate rather than just folic acid in order for their bodies to utilize the vitamin.

And people who cannot convert folate into methylfolate, (edit: or are denied) are the ones who are getting infected and sick more than others.

Your body cannot produce folate on its own, which means it’s something we have to get from the food we eat. As stated previously, though, we often don’t get enough of the nutrients we need today because of the way our food is processed, which means we then have to turn to supplements.

Process in this manner, hypothetically, is the reason why the corona virus has an advantage. Study that process, and I believe you will find the answer.

Yes, personally, I think it is a biological creation.

Just trying to help, is all. Peace