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Another update

I have sent explicit details and imagery to the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Here is what I have sent them:

Jake Wizard <jakewizard0166@gmail.com>
1:38 PM (29 minutes ago)
to nhgripressoffice

Sequence # MN908947

If these images could help clarify any details on this sequence, MN908947,

2019-nCoV (Wuhan coronavirus) first sequence on the gen bank list.

I do suggest starting at the first sequence and determine any differences between
my images to the data currently held, etc.. If there are any differences,
please share this with anyone who is able to look at it.

Just trying to help, is all
Conclusion to this post:

From what I know, my technology differs from what they have. I hope they are able to take advantage of this – That is all..

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