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In regards to the above article: (Random) (A few ideas)

1 – It was written for a fantastic story – as in a SCI FI magazine.

2 – It was known then that in the 40s’, people knew about the “Eye of Horus”; Psychology connection. (ie. 3rd eye, mind link, etc)

3 – “landmarks” aka pyramids and structures, “placed carefully”; (i.e. grid lines, precise positions on Earth)

4 – Plastics began to become widely used in 1960s’

5 – It is known in the 40s’ that these things can be ‘invisible’.

6 – It is known in the 40s’ that there is a such thing called “Empty space”. “our machines seem suddenly to appear—or to disappear”. (i.e “Espace”)

7 – Amulets – It was known back then that there were such things like this.

This is totally fascinating!…


so… What’s exactly is going on here?

How come did people knew about this stuff back in the 40s’??? Surely they would not place such information even if it was for a science fiction magazine. We have to sit back and think about this.. When DID we ever come up with SCI FI stories…to be placed in magazines such like those in the 40s’ and perhaps earlier?

Jules Verne… Hmm…. other authors… What caused them to come up with so much imaginative stories? .. Is it DNA memory?.. parts of it surfacing to cause us to be compelled to write? … and so many things.

It is simple – We live in a world of diversity – Everything is a variety of it’s own.

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