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In the years that followed the utopian environment of the planet Raman in what was known as the triangulum constellation according to their scientific knowledge at the time, the emperor remained among his people. He is immortal physically and spiritually. He taught his people how to live almost forever.
The world was simply put, beautiful.
One day, a warning was issued by the source within him, that the universe devourer is entering this universe. He warned his people to leave this beautiful planet and head to Earth. Spacecrafts were built in time with ease, and carried people over to the Earth. Things happened on Earth among his people which was considered “not normal” to the emperor but it happened anyways.
The Devourer had finally reached the planet Raman after the case of 4000 years of devouring planets, making them devoid of all life. The Devourer does not consume planets, but just sucks the energy life force off of a planet, leaving them dead, and a chance to grow again in a possible evolution stage. The Devourer then moves on to another planet full of life. The protectors of those worlds were instantly destroyed by the Devourer as it’s right to disable the protectors first before consuming the worlds’ energy source.
Blasts of atomics were showing everywhere, and the emperor ran from his desert mound to the golden pyramids which levitated in the blue-reddish sky. He and a few others were levitated and pulled in the main pyramid. When the Devourer consumed planet Raman, the pyramids were instantly destroyed in a huge blast which gave the Devourer the satisfaction of a full energy pulse and left Raman in its wake of desolation.
As the light beams increased faster and faster, he again met the sphere of light in the end. He appeared above the Earth looking around and headed towards the grounds of Earth. He flew among the civilizations invisibly as a reckoning force and found a building which had people walking around in blue looking suits.
He found a room where there was a human woman laying on a table, with these humans around her, in blue suits, doing operation procedures on her. The emperor rose above the woman and entered her womb like lightening. The human woman was having a surgery procedure done to prevent a early birth of a child involving her intestines.
He was born on Earth. The Emperor is no longer an emperor, and will not be treated as such. Anu decided to become a full fledged human to experience the life on Earth. With equal laws surrounding him and among his people who arrived on Earth earlier in time. The only exception is the emperor decided is to have a protective force against instant and unexpected death and assistance in various forms of knowledge. He will suffer any pain inflicted upon his body, as he will suffer the same fate as the people once inflicted.
Such avoidance of using extreme power would only reduce the chance of attracting the Devourer’s attention towards Earth.
In this sense, the emperor is protecting Earth by not using his universal power.
With such power, immortality of the soul, or the host is more valuable than the immortality of the physical. The emperor wants to experience countless deaths as equal to others on planet Earth.
The issue of reincarnation is a religious view point. Reincarnation has nothing to do with the people of RAMAN. It’s a simple process of ‘walking in’ and taking over a human body at birth.
Before the emperor left Raman, he made all his people immortalized through the soul matrix, not the physical realm. Simply put, his people will remember this story and will be taught the stories of Earth. Mythology, historical archives and so on.
At all cost, if the Devourer decides to come to Earth, there will be no force enough to challenge the Devourer. It is the negative side of the positive. The only chance to ward off the Devourer is if it discovers the creator on a living planet. The Devourer cannot contest the creator or it will face the destruction of an entire universe including itself.
A war declared on the devourer will be made if it comes to the precious Earth. The Emperor will stand by and wait, and if necessary, take over many human bodies as long it takes. The emperor could not save the other worlds in the triangulum constellation because the Devourer has already been in the systems when he was growing up, upsetting the balance of nature with the alignment of the planet Raman and it’s solar system.
Earth can move on its own. Interstellar species know this to be true. They are aware of Earth’s progress. Some interstellar species covertly invade the Earth from time to time to try to find the creator. The creator is simply hiding from these species to avoid attracting the Devourer. There are many reasons to avoid attracting the Devourer. If a instant black force appears above the Earth, in modern times, the planetary defenses will be activated and possibly use nuclear weapons which will fail and come back to the humans on Earth. It will indeed cause a self destruction of humankind.
If in an event a interstellar species from another world by accident find the creator, it will instantly attract the Devourer because the Devourer has all eyes in all worlds in this universe.
Each act of the negative, is the Devourer’s eye. In Earth’s modern mythologies, the Devourer can be named as Lucifier, Satyr, or Satan. It’s a word which tries to explain these mysterious actions of the negative side. It has many names across many worlds.
Planet Earth have many churches, different religions, different view points and many different cults regarding this particular issue. Earth was populated by the Emperor’s people which caused stories to be told, written and rewritten over the course of thousands of years. Mistranslated and misunderstood.
Worshipping a God, a creator, of this universe is a common issue within all habitable worlds teeming with various humanoid life.
The emperor knows this is hard to believe by reading this, but it is true. Of everything you’ve been taught from the day you were born and raised until physical death, is stored in the light matrix in your Raman host. The host carries many strands of light. All information is gathered and copied directly from the body you once occupied on Earth. Once the body dies, the host leaves the body with all the experience and knowledge copied, and it returns to the source of the Earth. The source of the earth will realize who you are, an immortal being from the planet Raman, and it will take your experience, knowledge and store it in the main pyramid hidden on Earth. As long the creator remains on Earth, the source is well aware of the creator, and all the knowledge and experience you had in a human body will be secure and not destroyed by the Devourer when it comes towards the Earth.
No matter what happens on Earth, self destruction by war, etc, your knowledge and experience is safely stored forever. Those who are from the planet Raman, you have the capability to instantly tap into the source and start remembering who you were in your past lives. Again, this is not a direct reincarnation, as the issue is muddied in explanation of what it is.
If the planet Earth is self-destructed, in an event of a modern nuclear technological war, the Devourer will instantly know the action and attempt to consume this planet’s life force immediately. All or most life must be destroyed in order to attract the Devourer. If the creator still remains on Earth, it will force him to appear and the Devourer will move on to another humanoid inhabited planet. If that humanoid inhabited planet also has a piece of the creator, the Devourer will not interfere. Archon of Anu, with his many different names, gave out many pieces of himself across many worlds in hope the worlds will survive against the Devourer.
Like it was written earlier, some planets were left barren by it’s own civilizations without realizing the true potential of Archon of Anu’s biotech. That biotech may or may not be discovered again by another species in very much what happened in the history of Planet Raman.
Planet Earth will grow from its infantile technologies and will become technologically advanced. Modern technology today you are looking at, as a immortal being from Raman, you will know instantly that these things, computers, TVs, laptops, networks, etc are all a part of ancient history and is primitive technology. It will give you the ability to invent new technologies because you are simply remembering the old technologies used on Raman.
Anu realizes the stories about ANU. There are mythological stories out there about the Emperor of Raman, otherwise known as ANU. Eqyptian mythologies, books were written about ANU, creator of human life, and the stories goes on.
Annunaki? Yes, that mythological story does include ANU too. There are many written, rewritten and mistranslated stories about ANU.