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As the lake subsided, and the waters receded –
Three golden type pyramidal structures appeared in the middle of the lake which is now a dry bed. The emperor looked around and saw what looks like a group of stairs on the other side of the lake. He walked over the shore, and away from the shore in fear of falling into the abyss. He reached the stairs and looked at the stairs he began to walk down upon them.
The stairs were gleaming with gold color. Pure solid gold as it looked like. Just as soon the waters completely vanished, he saw a black hole in the middle of a golden pyramid which looked like a door. It took the Emperor an hour to walk down the stairs. The moment he stepped on the solid surface, the door on the middle pyramid opened up with a bright light.
In the emperor’s mind, this could be a trick but with no fear of dying, he entered the great golden pyramid through the bright light. As the moment he entered, the light subsided and he looked around carefully. All he saw was huge military looking statues with unknown written languages on both sides of the walls, holding spears and swords in their hands.
These statues are humanoid statues perhaps from dozens of worlds in this universe and the next.
My father was right.
He started walking in, walking past the statues looking at each of them. All of a sudden beams of light starting whizzing past him. The more deeper he walk into the pyramid, the more light beams intensified.
Some source of energy started to pick the emperor off of his feet. In his mind, the quickness of laughter began. He does not know where this thought came from, he is actually flying through the hall ways of the great pyramid. The more deeper he went, the more the light beams whizzed past him. It increased in speed of flight, and the more intensified light beams became.
Faster and faster was in his thoughts. Instantly but unknown where those thoughts came from.
Faster… faster…
The light beams increased in speed, the hall ways of those golden military looking statues started to zoom by him faster and faster…. the light beams started to become one with him, and he saw a sphere of light approaching him quickly.
The sphere of light approached towards his face and the light beams all dissipated. The room became dark, nothing else to see, except the sphere of light. The sphere of light is pure white.
((**no words verbally spoken, but in all thought**there is no dishonesty**))
I am endowed with the gift of the creator. He is within me.
A prophecy of my world and other worlds are all the same. I am ANU, the CREATOR. ((**these thoughts were not his own but the words are spoken from the bio tech within him**))
The sphere of light started to increase in size in the front of the Emperor’s face, and in time, it encased him in pure light. Every thought and everything the emperor did from the day he was born, was shared with the sphere of light. Nothing was hidden. Secrets were no longer secrets.
The light intensified itself as it became brighter and brighter. All the forbidden knowledge were ordained upon the Emperor, every single life created in this universe and in all the universes were given to him.
The room became dark. He was kneeling on the floor. Light returned to the statues of the great hallways. In the Emperor’s mind, he merged with the source. All the power and the knowledge of the source is now his.
He got up from the floor. Looked around and started walking back out the door. Just as soon he reached the door, it was wide open, there was no bright light. He went outside of the pyramids, and went inside a smaller pyramid. Its pretty much similar to the one he was just in, and he went out and entered the final pyramid. Same thing, nothing special.
He started back on the stairs… up to the shore. He glanced around and saw the skies becoming more bluish reddish color. He knew, that the world was already outside his time, and they’re starving for water. He had a thought, and commanded the skies to create clouds and rain for 40 days and 40 nights. The entire planet was instantly covered with clouds in which has never been seen again since the impact of the comet.
Let there be rain.
A simple thought in his mind, commanded the elements in the atmosphere to start forming clouds and rain came. The world’s population rejoiced of the incoming rain and the emperor had another thought.
I want to see and show the world.
The Emperor, in all his might simply vanished into thin air and reappeared in the palace. The maiden servants were startled by his instant materialization. In this thought, of his mind, he found that this is simply comparable to long lost technologies. Its all a technology. It will appear like magic to the natives. The source itself is nothing but a guardian, endowed with special advanced technology. In the silent part of his mind, ANU said to keep this a simple secret.
He got up on the podium in the palace, and all cameras were pointed at him, instating for his announcement.
Ladies of Gentleman of the planet RA-Maan. I have successfully controlled the mysterious force of the lake. The lake is now open for anyone to access. It is full of wonderous things for anyone to research and study at your own leisure. The water which is now coming down on our planet is called RAIN. It is now raining. Do not fear it, as it will feed the planet with abundance of waters so needed for our survival for 40 days and 40 nights. The lake’s outer boundaries are full of vegetation and animal life. Go and study them.
Do not kill the animals, they’re ordered to cooperate with any of us. Some can be taken as pets. We are now a fully revitalized world. Speaking of the name of this world, is now RAMAN pronounced as RAYMAN. It’s no longer the original name of RA-MAAN, in which it was honored in the name of our creator “God -Man”.
After the announcement was made to the world, statues were erected in the honor of ANU, the emperor. New technologies were created during all these years, space travel became instantaneous. New knowledge was given from the emperor to his own people. The world became a very beautiful place. Trees, plant life everywhere… animals began to multiply and the world multiplied too.
The expedition who was sent to EARTH, established their own siphon relay terminals. The very same pyramids followed by the original one on the planet Raman. In every humanoid civilization in every world in the universe to the next have their own protector. Hidden from the eyes of the civilization, and would only expose itself to the creator or an incident such as the previous impact of a comet. The expedition team multiplied with the females of the civilization on Earth and created new kind of human.
The original story of human life differentiates from world to world. Different forms of human appearances are rampant in this universe, but nevertheless, a humanoid.
The emperor then gained new knowledge about the comet. The comet was strategically designed in the mechanics of the universe to impact the planet and other worlds which harbored intelligent life. Asteroids and comets both a have a role to play. The comet or the asteroid which impact life, is mechanized in the universal computation balance of the positive and the negative.
The only worry the Emperor had, is the negative side. The devourer of the universes. As much it is claimed to be ‘evil’ but in nature it is not. It is a balance of life in a creation of a universe.